Growing momentum for my initiative to establish a special committee to investigate the origins of COVID19

A majority of the European Parliament\’s political groups today gave preliminary support to my initiative to set up a special committee to investigate the origins of COVID19.

Special committees have a one-year mandate and have been set up to report on, among other things, \’Dieselgate\’, and the leaked \’Panama papers.\’

– I am delighted that a majority of political groups support the establishment of a special committee. Millions of lives have been lost and the Chinese authorities still have not provided international investigators the access they have sought. Support for this initiative is confirmation that European lawmakers will not sit idly by, but will join their transatlantic colleagues in seeking answers to the origins of COVID19.

– The success of this initiative affirms the growing parliamentary influence of the Sweden Democrats in the European Parliament. We have promised Swedish taxpayers to scrutinize EU activities and spending. Therefore we will not rest until all questions regarding EU funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology are answered.

– The European Parliament must now take the formal decisions to set up a special committee without delay. The window of opportunity to investigate the origins of COVID19 is closing by the day. Millions have died and I sincerely hope this initiative will lead to the EU putting its full weight behind the demand for an international independent phase-two study into the origin of the Coronavirus.

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